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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Omnivox

Tomislav Crncic, born in Zagreb, Croatia started experimenting with variety of electronic music (trance, drum’n’bass, jungle, acid, hardcore, gabber, hard trance) as Vox 20 years ago as a DJ and a producer. In the year of 1996 he discovered a new form of sound – psychedelic trance – made by artists like Prana, Green nuns of the revolution, Johann Bley, MFG, Power source, Man with no name, Astral projection, Cosmosis, Shakta, Hallucinogen, Pleiadians, Electric universe and the like.

Then he started playing this special kind of music as a DJ, and, later, started producing. This process took a long time until the first releases emerged, with a free download album called Inner polarity released in 2007, and later on compilations like Goatronika, Protozoa, Goa overdose, etc.

After the release of Alien humanity EP, released on Spacedock records in 2012, he started to change his sound drastically, resulting in tracks with more power, atmosphere, movement and texture. The change was so intense he decided to change the name to Omnivox – a new project, but still with a strong bind with his past.

The result of that change is the Fragments of evolution album, his first CD release, also on Spacedock records.

Surrender Surrender
Memories From Goa Madness Memories From Goa Madness