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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: CCL is REV aka Troy Leidich and Zebra-N aka Paul Elfferic.

Troy Leidich was born and raised in the USA and began his musical career as a successful saxophone player. With a student exchange program he found himself in Amsterdam, making electro and dance music with a bunch of crazy Dutch people. Since he was familiar with the psychedelic crowd in Amsterdam he started traveling around Europe looking for trance festivals. Troy started making trance music in 1996 together with BONKY and in 1997 together with Ramamurti. With him they founded the legendary band : F.O.L. (Fungus of Light).

Paul Elfferich, the man behind Zebra-N, is the guy responsible for some of the greatest psychedelic night-time twisters from the last couple of years. The 43 years old Amsterdam based, was born in Gouda, Netherlands (yes, where the cheese comes from). His musical history includes playing bass guitar for about 8 years, followed by African percussion for approximately 10 years. Then a good friend took him to a trance party on Queensday, 2000. He was hooked immediately and started to collect music, play as a DJ and then moved to Portugal for a year where he started to get into producing music. It was not until he came back to Amsterdam though, that everything started to get serious with music production. In 2003 he started to write his own music. The name Zebra-N, which raises some eyebrows, is an anachram of Barnez, which is his internet nickname.

Together, these two class acts make a force to be reckoned with... Watch out! Here comes CCL. 

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