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Z Machine  

Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Z machine is Paul Marks

Z MACHINE is making the psychedelic underground scene move and fly in Israel since 1997. Born in South Africa (1975) and living in Israel since ’83 has given him many gifts, like participating and assisting, since the beginning, the evolution and “trance*formation” of this trance power that keep us FULLY ALIVE … and… the opportunity of sharing knowledge and studio time with the great masters from digital sound design. His journey started when he was 16 years old, in the same way as many of us, in the forest with the first psychedelic experimentation, the one that changed life for good. Up to ’97 he was very busy dancing the global beat with full dedication while discovering the psyconautica navigation in the Other Realms …Then he started to play as a Dj, first in small and soon in all types of parties either in the commercial or in the underground scene…giving him the opportunity at the time to buy some equipment and start experimenting himself…starting towards the next level where he is today: producing his first album “ Man made machine “
He’s also released tracks on various record labels like TIP WORLD, ARCADIA, PHANTASM, PROCYON, PHONOKOL, PROTON and have spread some of his tunes throughout the planet. Paul Marks describes his music as “full on Goa psychedelic, suiting perfectly for sunrise and full on morning”… ”From the deepest to the highest”

Hadracadabra II Hadracadabra II