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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Abomination is Eyal and Saar.

Abomination is formed by Saar Davidov and Eyal Gershon both from Raanana Israel. Saar is a talented dj and sound designer with background in music raging from metal to Hip hop. Eyal is an experienced musician playing guitar, keyboard and drums in several bands. The duo was formed in 2004 after a few years of djing together at parties, and spending some studio time together. Since their release of the successfull Debut album "Enemy Within" on "Nexus-Media" Records they have wasted no time in releasing compilation tracks, Working with other artists such as Shift, Toxic, Slug, Shiva Joerg and Azax Syndrom and touring around the world to spread out the abomination word. Do you want to get Abominated?

Abomination Releases:

Abomination vs phyx - Flatline (trojan - Timecode)
Abomination - Redback (Source - Nexus Media)
Abomination vs Loren - White devil ( Mind Games - Doof)
Abomination - Dynomite ( Dirty South - Acidance)
Abomination vs Shift - Burn (visions of the future - Apocalypse)
Abomination - Enemy Within LP (Nexus Media)
Abomination - The hunt (Midnight Storm 2 - Nexus media)
Abomination - Lost (Psionic Temple - Digital Psionics)
Abomination - Contradiction (A violent Re-action - Acidance)
Abomination vs Toxic - Unfineshed Bussiness (Psycho Acoustics - Reckless Rhythm)
Abomination and Slug - Bleed (Edge - Nexus Media)
Abomination and Slug - Where is Magneto (Deep into the nexus - Nexus Media)
Abomination - Paradive (Samurai - Yabai)
Abomination - Secret Sand (Tribal Night In Africa - Mechanix)
Coming Out Soon:
Abomination vs shift - Aftermath (Shivlink)
Abomination - Pusherman (Shivlink)
Abomination - Revelations (League of shadows - Noize Conspiracy)
Azax Syndrom - Replica (abomination Rmx) (League of shadows - Noize Conspiracy)
Abomination and Azax Syndrom - Real Magic (Flamenco Mania - Nutek)


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