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Xatrik & Slug  

Genre: Psy Trance

Xatrik is Gregg Hamber and Slug is Liam Gibbs

Xatrik is a Cape Town based trance music composer. His style is defined by a mixture of psychedelic funk and techno grooves. His creative attitude to music brings you some of the most engaging and playful dance party music you will hear this season. Xatrik's musical influence ranges from artists like Jimi Hendrix and Daedelus to Break Beats and the thriving Cape Town Trance culture. He was inspired to get involved in the scene 8 years ago when he realised the limitless potential of where you can go with psychedelic dance music. Since then he has been involved with and released tracks through Timecode, Afrogalactic, Mushroom Maffia, Microdot, Panorama, Digital Psionics, Sundance Records and soon on Ketuh Records.

The Slug: Liam began serious work on the Slug project during 2003, and a unique sound was born. In 2004 Slug teamed up with Shift to release "Penguin Rebellion", the first compilation of the new South African label Nexus Media. This was followed at the end of 2004 by the first Slug artist album, "Lose Your Shell" (also released on Nexus Media). Slug is currently touring, producing a follow up to the "Penguin Rebellion" album with Shift, and also composing in a side-project with Xatrik. The album has received a very positive reaction world wide, so be prepared to "Lose Your Shell" as Slug takes this unique sound to dance floors around the world!

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