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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Echotek is Micha Yossef.

ECHOTEK is Micha Yossef, born in 1975 in Israel . Micha started making music 10 years ago in a gothic rock band, where he was producing an album with his band called "Substance for God”, which was released in 93' through BNE Records Israel world wide.

A little further after the release of their debut album the band stopped working and everyone parted in their own way, since then Micha started to get into the trance scene ands logically he fell into the evolving world of Dj's and music producers that was only in its first stages in the early 90's.

After performing as a DJ for 8 years, Micha's next move was getting familiar with music production, his musical knowledge as experienced guitarist as well as performances as DJ everywhere simply pushed him to produce his own sounds, his wish to affect the dance floor with his own music is what actually gave birth to "Echotek".

Until 2001, Micha was mainly perfecting his production skills and learning as much as he can, he produced few Tech-Trance tunes for his sets and since then the road to music has become unlimited for him.

Micha achieved a good sense of taste and quality in his music, getting plenty of attention and demand from highly acclaimed labels mainly because of him being a bit different than the regular full on formula.

His releases in the past few years can be found on labels such as Spirit Zone, Iboga, Spiral Trax, BNE/YoYo, Shiva Space Technology, Phonokol, Spectrum Music, Flow  Records, Ajuca, Tatsu Records to name but only a few.

Micha has also been producing two successful side projects apart from the Echotek mainline of activity. One project is "Neo Logic" (with Safi Connection) which was signed earlier this year to the Greek label 'Candy Flip', the most recent one is "Reflex", another storming psytrance release on the Israeli label "Avatar Records".

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