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Space Tribe  

Genre: Psy Trance

Space Tribe is Olli Wisdom.

Space Tribe is Olli Wisdom… Space Tribe has been a pioneer of Psychedelic Trance since it’s origins in Goa… Space Tribe have remained at the cutting edge ever since. In 1995 the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched in the studio with Simon Posford, [Hallucinogen/ Sphongle].

Space Tribe released the first album on Spirit Zone, “Sonic Mandala” in 1996 & since then Space Tribe have released an album each year on Spirit Zone Records. In 2004, Olli started Space Tribe Music as a label, & now release Space Tribe albums & compilations through there

Olli is travelling all over the world playing parties bringing joy to the thousands of dancers who know exactly why they are there. Space Tribe have performed at festivals and parties in Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Israel, America, Thailand, India, Ibiza, Bali, England, Germany, Hungary, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & many more...from Burning Man to Voov Experience, from the Mountains in Japan to the Beach in Goa.


Peak Experience Peak Experience
Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2 Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2
Space Tribe Continuum Vol 1 Space Tribe Continuum Vol 1
Colour Saturation Colour Saturation