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Genre: Psy Trance

Hi2 is Marcello V.O.R and Daniel Costa (Vibra).

Marcello V.O.R with the collaboration of Daniel Costa (Vibra) goes by the name of 2Hi.Marcello V.O.R has been a dj for 10 years. Started to play psytrance 5 years ago and is now considered one of the most talented and respected djs in Brazil. He has played at major festivals in Brazil like Etnicanet's Celebra Brasil, Boom Festival's Ypy Poty, Solar Flares' Trancendence among many others.He has played at major european festivals such as VooV Experience, Shiva Moon, Fullmoon Festival, in Germany and clubs all over Brazil and Europe.He used to run the legendary Freak*a*Delic parties in Brazil since 1999, thefamous weekly indoor club usually gathering around 1200 people every friday in Sao Paulo. He also organized big open air events gathering around 5000 people per party. Vibra produces full on psychedelic trance and progressive with some elements of house. With various releases in labels like eurobiotics, Spun and Alchemy. Daniel’s background includes a list of experiences with different equipment. Previously he was a part of an alternative rock band as a guitarist and a drummer in the early 90s. Daniel has been experimenting with electronic synthesizers and mixers since 1995. The project name “Vibra” was developed in the year 2000 in New York, the place where he and his brother Ricardo Costa started building Core Reaktor Studio. By investing on computers, samplers, synthesizers, mixers, racks and other peripherals, Core Reaktor was the first professional studio of Stralia Studios. In the year 2003, Stralia Studios moved to Brazil in Sao Paulo where they produce electronic trance music and web design on the side.

Against All Odds - The Wired Compilation Vol. 1 Against All Odds - The Wired Compilation Vol. 1
Neurology Vol.2 - Compiled By DJ Edoardo Neurology Vol.2 - Compiled By DJ Edoardo
Find A Way compiled by DJ Noronha Find A Way compiled by DJ Noronha
Ressurection Ressurection