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Genre: Psy Trance

M-Klome is Matteo Mercurio

Born in Trento, Italy, in 1977. Matteo has had a hand in music from an early age, beginning on the piano and later moving on to the guitar. Matteo has even put together a quasi-casual band in the past, who mainly focused on playing on stage for the fun of it. M-Klome's introduction to the electronic music scene began upon his move to London; he landed his first job at the “Psychedelic Dream Temple“, which largely helped him to get connected to the scene, the people, artists and djs, label managers and party promoters. Meanwhile he was busy learning the basic fundamentals of music production, mostly by himself but also supported by more experienced producers. After four years of music production immersion, M-Klome published 5 tracks on various CD compilations and began working on his first solo album project which is due to release in May 2007. M-Klome has played in most of the important clubs in London, such as The Coronet (most recently supporting Infected Mushroom), The SeOne, The Mass, Mayfair, Colosseum and Jakxx, plus several outdoor parties and a few festivals abroad in Austria, Lithuania and Italy. Matteo mainly produces music at home with basic studio equipment, such as Dynaudio studio monitors, E-MU 1616m, VAIO laptop, software, including Cubase SX 3, Ableton LIVE and various softsynths. M-Klome is also currently working under the name “Zero Gravity” on a progressive project with Rodrigo Pereira and "Forgotten Memories" on a chill-out project (collaborating with Maya Glick). In the near future Matteo also hopes to expand his production skills and try to incorporate different kinds of music styles into his production. For M-Klome, music is not just a hobby... it's his way of life.

Bad Chemistry - V/A Free-Spirit Vol1. Brahmaputra
(Free-Spirit Recs., Oct 2006)
Weird Vibe M-Klome vs Kristian - V/A Ressurrection
(Transient Recs., May 2006)
Elektro Wave - V/A Elsewhere
(Alchemy Recs., Apr 2006)
Waiking Up - V/A Dream Temple
(Yellow Sunshine Explosion, May 2005)
Secret Plants - V/A Fairy Tales
(Alchemy Recs., Sept 2004)

Elsewhere Elsewhere