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Zero Cult  

Genre: Chillout

Zero Cult is Emil Ilyaye.

Releases in labels like:
Chillcode/ Millennium-YSE/ Cosmicleaf/Unicorn/ Tempest/

In 1997 Emil teamed up with his friend Alex and created new project called "Legion of Foreigners ", which made synth-hard-rock .

They recorded demo cd and received very good feedbacks.
In 1999 each one went to his own direction, and Emil decided to get into the electronic scene and started producing music in his home studio.

He made some club trance / house tunes for his dj friends, and published his tracks on

In early 2002 Emil has been looking for different musical approach and changed his musical direction by progressing into downtempo music and named his new project "Zero Cult" .

In 2004 came to life his first releases! “If” and “P-ray” released in “V.A. Chill On Ice" from Cosmileaf records , these both tracks had get great feedback around the world .
Year 2005 track “If” is licensed from Millennium Records to be released in their new double cd called “Tantra Trance” , next release will be in “V.A. Fragile Life” the new chill release from Cosmicleaf Records.

Stay tuned for the sound creativity of this talented artist!


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