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Ganja Beats  

Genre: Chillout

Ganja Beats is Jake Stephenson.

Ganja Beats is the dub offshoot of one of chill-out music’s crowned Princes, producer/artist/musician Jake Stephenson.. also once known as Shamanic Tribes on Acid, one of the original uk psychedelic trance bands, also as Alien Mutation, Crystal Moon and Dr Psychedelic. His debut album ‘Ganja Beats’ released last year is still steadily selling copies today! Jake was involved in the psychedelic scene from the mid/late 80's primarily in the psych rock band Paperhouse who were well known for their electrifying gigs. Jake has released on many trance compilations and labels such as Spirit Zone, Kinetix, Waveform, and previously on Organics Psymeditation and the limited edition Tsunami Benefit CD.

Psymeditation 2 Psymeditation 2