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Genre: Psy Trance

Panick is Nick Laniado. 

Nick Laniado, also known as Panick, age 28, is one of the most promising acts of the Israeli Trance scene. For the last 6 years, Nick has been phrasing himself by creating a unique style of psy trance, featuring psychedelic and groovy, big & juicy sounds combined with top production, which gives the result of an intelligent psytrance, blasting on the dancefloor but still suitable for home listening. His first performance as a Trance artist was on Psysex second album "Hardcore Blastoff". Together with dj Goblin they produced the 2 rocking tracks: "Hardcore Blastoff" & "Little Black Hole". The following year he released several tracks: Soul caliber on Adrenalin 1, Hollow on Adrenaline 2, Cheezy Poofs on the well known compilation from Domestic and Pixel "Think Sync" and Ultramagnus on Shiva Space Technology. His first solo album "Panick - Rocket Pocket" was the result of a year of work in his studio. After the album, Nick played all around the world becoming one of the hottest acts around and released tracks on the most important labels like TIP, Crystal Matrix, Spun and many more.


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