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Genre: Psy Trance
Description: Damage


Deon started his career in music in 1994 when he was trained by 3 of South Africa's best hip-hop DJ's. From there he moved on to the hard house, gabber and hard trance scene where he played in quite a number of clubs in Cape Town South Africa.

He started producing music in 1996 and started the project "Damage" with his partner and co-producer James (broken toy) around the year 2000. They worked on this project for about a year before they introduced it to the world.

Damage was a huge success from the start and they signed up with a South African label, "Timecode Records". They released a number of trax on a few international compilations and did many successful gigs.

One year later, a very well known international label called "Shaffel/Chemical Crew Records" approached them for the release of the debut Damage album.


Damage has been Deon's solo project for the past couple of years. He's doing very well in keeping the reputation where it's always the edge of new & twisted crazy dance floor style psy-trance.

With his wide musical influences, Deon will keep on creating a style of music which is rich in colour, flavor, funk and a shit load of attitude. One of the many reasons why damage is so popular.


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