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SPLI 13 Moon Compiled By Cosmic Sun - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SPLI 13 Moon Compiled By Cosmic Sun - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

13 Moon by Cosmic Sun is the new compilation on SPLIFF MUSIC. The concept of the CD is based on the ancient Mayan calendar.

Cosmic Sun is the administrative manager of SPLIFF MUSIC & unlike some others, she was extremely cautious when it came to her choosing artists to be represented, in fact, it took around 10 months to compile this CD.

On the list, we can find artists such as: Liquid on Safi providing us with a new tune, which is very trance with a rocky edge. Safi Connection is also present, remixing one of the leading pop artists in Greece, Maria Polykandrioti a.k.a PolyCat, an absolute must hear. E-Fact (TIP world) & System Brothers (Solstice, Japan) are no longer Newcomers & they sure sound like it. Spiritual Enhancer (TIP world) has given us a tune that has already appeared on some of the big DJ charts. JP (TIP world) from Brazil, has his 1st appearance on SPLIFF MUSIC and shows us why Raja Ram took him under his custody. Miditec ex. Beat Hackers is here on an aggressive tune for clubbers, Indra & Didrapest (Enigmatic, Japan) collaborate & bring us a very special tune. Cortex & Avishay show their emotional side on a great track with an oriental touch. Last but not least are Ovnimoon from Chile & Cosmic Station on an interesting easy listen tune.

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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Spanish Air Cortex & Avishai Play
02 Shamanic Madness Liquid On Safi Play
03 Sub Conscience Spiritual Enhancer & co. Play
04 David Hoffman Indra & Didrapest Play
05 Ask For It (Safi Connection Remix) PolyCat Play
06 Amor Amor Didrapest Play
07 Schyzo E-Fact & System Brothers Play
08 Evolution Of Your Mind JP Play
09 Crystal Vision (Remix) Miditec Play
10 Other World Ovnimoon & Cosmic Station Play
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