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COSM Architect - (DEL) - D. Batistatos  
COSM Architect - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Music Architecture And Electronic Structures for Comfortable Living!

After several releases the sound of D.Batistatos matured and Cosmicleaf proudly deliver you for once more a unique masterpiece. Impulsively, open-minded and impressively, D.Batistatos created this diversity of tracks for various daily moments and comfortable living.

Discover his minimal melodic cinematic elements, his dubby moments , the ambient atmospheres and his alternative sound in some parts where the peacefully balance of chill meets pop and rock. D.Batistatos blended all these instruments in a wonderful chilling soundtrip.

On this album participates also and other cosmileaf artists like Side Liner, Zero Cult, Cydelix and Red Eye Express from Tempest Recordings.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Coming Home D. Batistatos Play
02 Crazy Sick Monkeys (Cydelix remix) D. Batistatos Play
03 Tall Stories D. Batistatos Play
04 Shining D. Batistatos Play
05 Drifting Memories (Zero Cult remix) D. Batistatos Play
06 In Time D. Batistatos Play
07 Summer Wind D. Batistatos Play
08 Driving D. Batistatos Play
09 Fat Ninja D. Batistatos Play
10 Architect D. Batistatos Play
11 The Mood That I'm In (Red Eye Express remix) D. Batistatos Play
12 In The Bottom Of The Ocean (Side Liner remix) D. Batistatos Play
13 Melancholia D. Batistatos Play
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