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He Claims To Be Not Human - Mind Distortion System  
He Claims To Be Not Human
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Territory Restrictions: None

Dancefloors around the world have already been exposed to the brain and body bending sounds of Belgian-Portuguese producer Mind Distortion System (Nelson Jara Dos Santos).

Now, after a series of releases on various compilations, MDS’ full length debut album, “He Claims to be Not Human,” invites listeners on a liquid, electric and supremely psychedelic journey: a trip modulated by groovy basslines, bouncing and twisted effects, dynamic rhythms, and cleverly spliced with quirky, often humorous, samples.

“Dead Swan” (150 bpm) introduces the MDS sound, featuring a fat and powerful bassline and quirky effects; the album then accelerates non-stop, progressing to the supernova apogee of “Gate of Desire” (155 bpm), which fully demonstrates the mad creativity of MDS. Never forgetting that trance is a state of mind, tracks can be appreciated physically or mentally…or both.

The album was composed over a period of 2 years; older tracks were revisited and finalized in 2007, ensuring that all tracks benefit from MDS’ ever-evolving maturity as a producer – as well as the innovative effects of his beloved Andromeda and Virus synths.

“When many people dance together in trance, they experience a sense of community. This shared activity, which is a celebration of life, strengthens the bond of our shared humanity. The awareness of being part of a single, all-pervading consciousness helps us to empathize more deeply with one another – to be more accepting not only of others, but also of ourselves.” - Rob Bennett

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Dead Swan Mind Distortion System Play
02 Herbal Analysis Mind Distortion System Play
03 Koshka Mind Distortion System Play
04 Find Out (Feat Kazoo) Mind Distortion System Play
05 Cartoon Hunter Mind Distortion System Play
06 Fucking Time Mind Distortion System Play
07 Dancebué Mind Distortion System
08 Mystical Druids Society Mind Distortion System Play
09 He Claims To Be Not Human Mind Distortion System Play
10 Gate Of Desire Mind Distortion System Play
Label ProfileLabel: Trishula
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 4260089560208
Track ListingRelease Date: 2007-11-30
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: TRISHCD013CD