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ADX Deep Spiritual Network Connections - (DEL) - Shambala Networks  
ADX Deep Spiritual Network Connections - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

psychedelic music , including experimental ambient music (ambient is non danceble trance ..well, you can dance but in a very diferrent way; ..and some tracks on this album are quite danceable songs) is a music on a higher frequency (at least different freq) like the paradise called, shambala.

shamabla is a place (where you cannot do nothing else , but getting enlightened) or a 'sound-bundle' or psy music is 'place'..however.. ... ... shambala networks speaks about that, there are more places like shambala around the universe. This project, this album, is about the whole shambala networking system, connected through all living beings across the universe , and this is a profound deep spiritual connection :).

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Defeat Anxiety Shambala Networks Play
02 Emberi Meltosag S Egy Csomo Penz Shambala Networks Play
03 Invocation (Remember Yourself) Shambala Networks Play
04 Cars Shambala Networks Play
05 Ant Sin (True Friendship) Shambala Networks Play
06 Deep Spiritual Network Connections Shambala Networks Play
07 Lack Of Empathy Shambala Networks Play
08 Beautiful Vacant Planet Shambala Networks Play
09 Freedom By The Third Ear Shambala Networks Play
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