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Hiloola - Moshic  
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After 2 years of work on this album and long waiting we get this intelligent pack of music,
Contrast records proudly to release moshics 3rd album “Hiloola”, after his astonishing Masterpiece
2nd album “Salamat” who influenced the progressive house and down tempo world music fans with moshics amazing combination of ethnic, atmospheric and futuristic sound and style.

“Hiloola” is a double studio album, include a progressive house CD and a down tempo CD that continue to exhibit his individual sound and style, the one who made him well known among millions of fans around the globe

The first cd is a Pure Progressive Creation and masterpiece; maintain the expectation from moshics well known progressive Productions and sound,
No doubt in this masterpiece moshic can create a beautiful and perfect combination between the ethnic and the electronic Contrast elements. Moshic has his own and new approach to progressive.

This time we get new fresh sounds and synths together with Big Fat Basslines and intense surrounding of atmospheric elements and leading vocals from moshics privet and mystery collection of authentic sounds library, makes you want to dance and tripin in the same time .

The 2nd downtempo cd gives us a whole new level of the moshic downtempo side,
The perfect cd for home and chill listening or any time we are in the mood for good musical journey.
This is going to be a musical experience, the ethnic rhythms and the amazing vocals and voices
Moshic provide and feat in this extraordinary downtempo cd , a perfect continuing after the
Progressive Journey in the first cd. Intelligent music with its best!

The darkness shines brightly, showing that progressive can still be breathtaking...

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
CD1 01 Bat Kol Moshic Play
CD1 02 Tetwan Moshic Play
CD1 03 Heaven (Moshic Feat Jorden) Moshic Play
CD1 04 Life Novelty Moshic Play
CD1 05 Sultana Moshic Play
CD1 06 Jordan From West Moshic Play
CD1 07 Beauty To Ash Moshic Play
CD1 08 Ananim Moshic Play
CD1 09 Soma Soma Moshic Play
CD2 01 Idra Raba Moshic Play
CD2 02 Am I Stand On The Right Side Moshic Play
CD2 03 Hiloola Moshic Play
CD2 04 How To Pure Madness (Moshic Feat Aviram) Moshic Play
CD2 05 Wedding Mars Moshic Play
CD2 06 Meet You In Eden Moshic Play
CD2 07 Heaven (Moshic Feat Jorden) Moshic Play
CD2 08 You Feel (Downtempo Mix) Moshic Play
CD2 09 Crazy About You Moshic Play
Label ProfileLabel: Contrast Records
Sales NotesFormat: 2CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5021296345014
Track ListingRelease Date: 2008-04-25
Genre: ProgressiveCatalogue Number: CONTRASTCD001CD