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ELEC A Faint Light From The Depth - (DEL) - Psyknights  
ELEC A Faint Light From The Depth - (DEL)
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Electronic Dope Records first release is the Debut Album of Psknights - A Faint Light from the Depth.
Psyknights is a freestyle downbeat project formed by Lorenz Nenntwich (Mind D., Psyborgs, Knights & Borgs, K.A.O.S) & Danijel Galir (Liquid 9, Knights & Borgs). They worked almost 2 years on this amazing debut release.
A Faint Light from the Depth shows a diversified fusion between many different soundstyles like Electro, Psy, Trip Hop, Trance and many other styles. The tracks reach from beautifull melodys to brain smashing acids and from slow downbeat grooves to ground breaking freestyle beats and crazy electronic weirdo tunes, all merged with fantastic new techniques. In order to get a real freestyle fusion, they mixed it also with various classic & cultural influences and added some known elements from videogame- & movie music.
You really should not miss that one.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 One For All (Intro) Psyknights Play
02 Electric Dragon Psyknights Play
03 Oibes Tear Psyknights Play
04 Muy Lejos Rmx Psyknights Play
05 Human Dreams Psyknights Play
06 M.O.T.U. Psyknights Play
07 First Day Of Spring Psyknights Play
08 K.I.D. Psyknights Play
09 Hombow Rmx Psyknights Play
10 All For One (Wrap-Up) Psyknights Play
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