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VERT Launch For Langtus - (DEL) - Delirious Noon  
VERT Launch For Langtus - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Vertigo Records proudly presents a debut album of Delirious Noon – fresh morning sound from Russia.

Delirious Noon is a bright side of Nikolai Golutvin – aka Furious, well-known name in dark-trance scene. He has been working on Delirious Noon project for about year and a half and already released a few tracks on Vertigo’s compilations “25th Frame” and “Omnipresence”.

Now it’s time to hear “Launch for Langtus”! Langtus – is an imaginary planet which occasionally came into Nikolai’s mind and left its trace as music. You can also take a journey to this planet and get to hear its twirling melodies, floating grooves and powerful bass-lines.

As Delirious Noon artist’s talent found an expression in making morning trance as well as night music. All 9 killer-tracks are perfectly made and mastered. Ready to explode dancefloors around the Universe!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Baraka Delirious Noon Play
02 New Energy Delirious Noon Play
03 Great Delirious Noon Play
04 Quasar Delirious Noon Play
05 Tripping Queen Bell Delirious Noon Play
06 Power Moves Delirious Noon Play
07 String Art Delirious Noon Play
08 Halo Delirious Noon Play
09 Reality Gliders Delirious Noon Play
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