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SUNT Born Underwater - (DEL) - Merr0w  
SUNT Born Underwater - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Born Underwater is a new milestone in modern Goa Trance production: Massive drive together with subtle melodies, bouncing rhythmics, and a unique mix of organic and synthetic sounds.
Expect dancefloor burners with cinematic ambiances, and no-compromise entertainment. With his superb modern production, Born Underwater is accessible to all Psytrance audiences.

Merr0w is core Suntrip artist since its creation, experienced, active, and always ready to deliver exclusive live performances using a combination of unreleased and live remix tracks with on-stage tweaking.

Stunning Mastering by Tim Schuldt.


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Lured By The Nymphs Merr0w Play
02 Atlantis Merr0w Play
03 Rise Up To The Sun Merr0w Play
04 Born Underwater Merr0w Play
05 Aquarius Merr0w Play
06 The Pleiades Merr0w Play
07 Mermaid's Twin Sister Merr0w Play
08 Mind Blowing Merr0w Play
09 Poseidon Lullaby Merr0w Play
10 Blue Planet Merr0w Play
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