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MADS Madskippers Click Start Squad! Vol. 1 - (DEL) - Various Artists  
MADS Madskippers Click Start Squad! Vol. 1 - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: Japan

DJ TSUYOSHI a.k.a. NUMANOID / JOUJOUKA began his career as a DJ since early 90's,beginning of the Techno-music boom. Since then, he becomes global leading DJ in Techno scene.Now, he will release his first music and video compilation album after he moved to EVOLUTION.He select and collect the numbers regardless of nationality,which was popular in 80' new wave music scene in Japan. You could enjoy various genres of music, techno,house, funk, punk,and rock in Japan at that time. These musics made great harmony at that time in Japan. Many Japanese artists participate in this album. For example, you can enjoy the numbers of JOUJOUKA, FUNKY GONG, REE.K, and AYASHIGE. Three foreign artists offer the numbers for this album.

SLOT MACHINE is electric music band, which is organized by Australian, Nick Taylor. BROZ.KORP is electric music band, whose members are all French. This group is popular in electric music scene in Tokyo. You can enjoy the famous number “This is not a love song" of PIL(Public Image LTD)covered by “NUMANOID and MAZDA and feat.NINA” in this album. In addition to the music CD album described above, you can enjoy the DVD which records the movie' file produced by the video artists in Tokyo.In other words, this product includes 1CD and 1DVD. The four video artists join a team to produce this DVD project. "Tadanobu Asano", who becomes famous for his first film " TORY" as a director. "t.o.L" ,who got involved in producing "TAMALA 2010" as director, script writer and music producer. Kensaku Kakimoto, who is 24 year's old video artist. He becomes famous for his works " colors"and"sleeping flower".TSUYOSHI , he made documentary video record in Berlin,Barcelona,and Tokyo. This project is a new trial to express the two cultural era(80' and latest scene in Japan) by combining the music and movie.  

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Hyper Space Joujouka Play
02 Black Widow Slot Machine Play
03 Together 4ever Broz.Korp Play
04 High Energy Remix DJ Ayashige Play
05 Burning Feat Joanna Ninjarette Funky Gong Play
06 Rock Stars - Funky Gong Remix Protection Play
07 Sanshool Ree.K Play
08 This Is Not A Love Song Numanoid Vs Mazda Feat Nina Play
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