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SAIK Brixton Session - Matt B + Nova - (DEL) - Various Artists  
SAIK Brixton Session - Matt B + Nova - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Brixton is a place in South London characterized by its vibrant multiethnic artistic and musical identities. It’s in Brixton where Matt B and Nova first met, at the beginning of the century, a friendship marked by mutual artistic respect and countless gigs played together, often in legendary events and festivals.

With Brixton Session Matt B and Nova solidify their reputation as tastemakers in downtempo electronic music putting together a stunning compilation at the very limit of the cutting-edge, a lounge-compatible urban affair with some dance floor sensibilities. Ten brand new tunes representing the cream of the crop of today’s underground from a variety of styles fusing ambient, electronica, dub, stepper, bass ‘n’ breaks and glitch-hop.

 A groundbreaking anthology featuring some of the globe’s most talented new and established artists: RND vs Nova, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Bass Science, Sync24, Dr Cat Experience, Rico Casazza, Disrupt, Biodub, Deluge, Vakuum Sounds.
Brixton Session is Matt B and Nova’s shared vision for low-end frequencies!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Evolution Zero Vakuum Sounds Play
02 Babel Is Burning Deluge Play
03 Perlboot Nautilus Biodub Play
04 21st Century Planet Smashers Disrupt Play
05 Deep Water Mungo’s Hi Fi Play
06 La Madub Dr. Cat Play
07 Tortuga RND Meets Nova Play
08 Blue Copper Bass Science Play
09 04:00 am Rico Casazza Play
10 Things With Wings Sync24 Play
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