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CHIL Before We Die - (DEL) - Sunkings  
CHIL Before We Die - (DEL)
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Sunkings from the UK is finally out with their third album after many years in the music business. Sunkings was an early forward-thinking techno/IDM group, which started as a trio in 1990 by Jay Paine, Paul N. Davies and Michael Bluemink. After several releases on a self-financed label, they gained attention of 808 State, which resulted in the recording of the Return of the Killer Rays EP for 808's own Creed Records in 1991. Hugh Ashton replaced Michael Bluemink around that time, just before the trio signed to GPR, which released their first album entitled Hall Of Heads in 1994. The album earned plaudits from Brian Eno and John Peel. They also brought Taz Alexander into their studio, for female vocals. Taz later also joined Juno Reactor, after Ben Watkins heard her works for Sunkings. After GPR went under, the group switched to the increasingly respected Blue Room Released label, which released their second album Soul Sleeping. Now they are back with an album full of beautiful variation and fantastic vocals by Taz Alexander, on Chill Tribe Records.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Brotherhood Sunkings Play
02 Mad Love Sunkings Play
03 Barleycorn Sunkings Play
04 Sonic Pigg Sunkings Play
05 Fallen Angel Sunkings Play
06 Starbuck Revisited Sunkings Play
07 Sunrise Sunkings Play
08 Micromega (Old Nicks Mix) Sunkings Play
09 Sunrise (Optic Mix) Sunkings Play
10 Some Fractal Mourning (Gumbo Mix) Sunkings Play
11 Homunculus (Brain Stem Mix) Sunkings Play
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