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Gathering The Tribe - Various Artists  
Gathering The Tribe
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Gathering the Tribe is a unique blend of new world grooves that explores uncharted horizons within the Californian / West Coast festival sound. With a focus firmly on female vocals, live drums and natural instrumentation, this compilation is a stunning musical bridge where the realms of acoustic and electronic sound weave together for maximum listening pleasure.

Compiled by DJ Neerav, Gathering the Tribe is arranged as an audio travelogue inspired by memories of Latin American travels, journeys to summer music festivals, and the joyous meetings of friends and fellow travellers along the way. As a tribute to the vibrant live music scene currently flourishing on the West Coast and beyond Interchill branches out in this compilation to feature the music of live bands - Hamsa Lila, Sasha Butterfly & Galen Shakatura [Kin Ship], Adham Shaikh and Tina Malia - alongside familiar label artists.

The result is an inspiring collection of tracks composed of live and organic sounds within more traditional song structures.Intended for the roadtrip, Gathering the Tribe is sure to be a top choice for those traveling the festival circuit this summer as well as for the DJs playing at them.Neerav will be showcasing these sounds on a summer DJ tour that will take in the Eclipse, Shambhala, Burning Man and Earthdance festivals with many other gigs along the way.

- Following hot on the heels of Naasko's extremely well received "Arcana"compilation and Kaya Project's universally acclaimed 2nd album "Elixir", "Gathering the Tribe" is already gathering a buzz as one of the most anticipated releases of this summer.

- A new concept and fresh direction for Interchill, sure to please the regularfan base as well as those who are on the fringe of electronica and curious about it.

- Most of the tracks were created or remixed specifically for this compilation and are previously unreleased. The compiler worked closely with all artists in order to achieve a unified journey, with a focus on live sounding drums, strong vocal precense, and positive, conscious lyrics.

- Canadian and European artists well known in both the tribal and electronic genres are also featured: Kaya Project, Adham Shaikh, Jairamji, Gus Till, creating a very strong cross-over appeal for fans of electronica, festivals, acoustic, jambands, ethno, vocal based songs, and more.

- Strong selling points for those interested in related music forms due to the presence of artists such as: Tina Malia, Hamsa Lila, Bassnectar, and vocalist Sasha Butterfly.

- Unites music from a variety of different musical 'tribes' (both modern and traditional) from across the globe.

- The tribal flavours of this comp range from Latin American, African, and Indian to South American.

- "Gathering the Tribe" contains several tracks destined to be 'hits' at the festivals this season; sure to be strongly sought after by dj's and home listeners alike.

- The perfect blend of music for summer road trips, sacred moments, djs, healers, dancers, and fans of vocals and tribal beats, seamlessly woven into a stunning journey.

- Female vocals are a strong and comforting constant throughout, perfectly complementing the earthy beats.

- Striking album cover and interior design by Onbeyond Metamedia, featuring original artwork by Berin Germany's Cornelia Schmidt.


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CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Pachamama Antonio Testa Play
02 Lotus Kiss Alex Theory Play
03 Oshun (Extended Remix) Hamsa Lila Play
04 La Bomba! Kaya Project Play
05 Elephant Spiral System Play
06 Sarva Mangala Tina Malia Play
07 Marmalade Sun Adham Shaikh Play
08 See Them a Come (Featuring Junior Kigwa) Abassi All Stars Play
09 Dubuasca (Featuring Michael Kang) Bassnectar Play
10 Aurora (Live Mix) Hamsa Lila Play
11 River of Air Gus Till Play
12 Madre Dee Vine Kin Ship Play
Label ProfileLabel: Interchill Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5017744101417
Track ListingRelease Date: 2006-06-12
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: ICHILLCD025CD