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SAIK Daydreamer - (DEL) - (val)Liam  
SAIK Daydreamer - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Having released several tracks on compilations already, Celestial Dragon is proud to present (val)Liam's debut album "Daydreamer" - a musical journal written by Liam Skogland, documenting moments when the mind drifts off and becomes free, yielding to vivid imagination. The result are ten tracks covering a wide variety of influences, tones and moods that draw the listener out of the everyday mundane into a space where they create realities of their own

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Gaia (val)Liam Play
02 Happy Accidents (val)Liam Play
03 Freefall (val)Liam Play
04 Earth (val)Liam Play
05 Somewhere Not Here (val)Liam Play
06 Lotus Dancing (val)Liam Play
07 The Mystic (val)Liam Play
08 Solace (val)Liam Play
09 In Samsara (val)Liam Play
10 Daydreamer (val)Liam Play
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