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Filmezza - Delicate Noise  
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Delicate Noise returns with their second CD -  Filmezza - an honest, optimistic and weighted electronica record. The album unfolds like the telling of a dream - warm and sentimental songs wash in and out with lullaby-like  melodies, augmented with disembodied voices of children playing. "Butterfly Envy" acknowledges a Boards of Canada influence with a haunting and emotional sound evoking an image of old home movies. "Roundlake Beach" continues the theme while adding a feeling of dusk and darkness falling.

A slow motion wave of disorientation populates "We Like Mercury" - the sound of crickets interrupted with pregnant pauses add to the subtle unhinging sensation. Periods of longing and reflection shimmer over the title track looking for a sense of forgiveness. Delicate Noise eloquently phrases personal, thought-provoking, emotional questions with a satisfying richness. And Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) mixes these songs with kid gloves on, always allowing the delicate and childlike to come through unclouded.  Emotive and beautiful,  Filmezza provides a soundtrack befitting an old photo of a loved one or a cherished memory with a warmth and satisfaction returning the ears to a sense of wonder. 


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 000001 Delicate Noise Play
02 Butterfly Envy Delicate Noise Play
03 Roundlake Beach Delicate Noise Play
04 Pheromone Delicate Noise Play
05 A Beautiful Phase Delicate Noise Play
06 Deluxer Delicate Noise Play
07 We Like Mercury Delicate Noise Play
08 Polaroid Picture Taking Delicate Noise Play
09 Cardiacfelt Delicate Noise Play
10 Beware Of Digital Children Delicate Noise Play
11 Fuchsia Sunsets Disappear Delicate Noise Play
12 Filmezza Delicate Noise Play
13 Tokyo Big Sight Delicate Noise Play
14 Astronaut In Training Delicate Noise Play
15 Pheromones Delicate Noise Play
16 The Children Are Back...Letís Hide Delicate Noise Play
17 Lush & Coated With Words & Birds Delicate Noise Play
Label ProfileLabel: Lens Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 682516010720
Track ListingRelease Date: 2009-07-17
Genre: ChilloutCatalogue Number: LENS0107CD