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ELXI Anamorfoplasis - (DEL) - Omegahertz  
ELXI Anamorfoplasis - (DEL)
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Come To Acknowledge The Cryptic Beginning Of New Season,The Secret Feast Sound Colors, Pleasure And PassionThe Prohibited Flight In The Imagination And In The Intellectual WorldThe Absolute Exit Of Explosions, Of Sentiments And Stimuli The Ritual Of The Unique Master Hand Artist And Author Of FantasiesThe “ANAMORFOPLASIS” Of Your, Until Now, Concealed Internal And Subconscious World

The Total Reset Of Our Nature In A New Unknown And Irritatingly Attractive Dimension Be Altered With Dizzy, Not Perceptible SpeedsYou Be Initiated In The Prohibited Knowledge Of Musical Harmony Of Celestial SpheresYou Will Discover The Experience Of ELECTRORGANIC PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE Fall In Love The Magic, Ecstatic Ejection Of Visions, Composition And CreationThe Absolute Liturgical And Situation, The “ANAMORFOPLASIS” From The Unprecedented OMEGAHERTZ…Love And Smile, Make Your Minds Desire…

Dimitrios Pouranis


CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Psychedelic Valley - Silvie P. Omegahertz Play
02 Goan's Land Omegahertz Play
03 As Ias Is Omegahertz Play
04 Walking On The Other Side Omegahertz Play
05 Infant Galaxy Omegahertz Play
06 Fantapsy Trip Omegahertz Play
07 Strawberry Tale Omegahertz Play
08 Chasing Colorful Spheres Omegahertz Play
09 Wonderful Times - Silvie P. Omegahertz Play
10 Without Destination Omegahertz Play
11 Morning Starlight Omegahertz Play
12 Adolescent Meditations Omegahertz Play
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