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INP Belief System - (DEL) - Various Artists  
INP Belief System - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Very proudly Insane Chaos Circuit Records presents our 2nd cd release.

A  glimpse of genuine mystical insight various artist album  featuring  some of the best projects around the world.

Belief System is a compilation that has been on the make for quite a while in order to select the best trippy psychedelic moments that people is expecting to have in the dancefloor, energy-pumping sci-fi acid trance for full power vibration lovers, it will take you deep and purge your mind through sensory overload like new black polished chrome that came over the sky like liquid night..

Big effort from Cezar Aka DIRTY PHREAK compiling this 10 tracks searching for the ultimate creative trip, exploring in depth the heightened states of mind that give rise to art.

The Cd was fully dedicated to evolve constantly, without losing the authentic dark influence each track has his own story a Psykotropic Trip Through Tribedelic Transcape.

Listen from 1-to-10 and feel the beat taking u to the Magic of Belief`s Confusion only exists in the mind, let the music unwind your mental knots..." our music is what you make of it," so let the music make you come to your own conclusion and hold it tight because chances are that yours is unique to you,  so hold it in and keep it your own, and have a seat in our space that can only be described by the frequencies and rhythm's that exist in this arena of the senses. Only the truth will set us free peace out.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Violent Words Rawar Play
02 Belief Or Not To Belief Yara Play
03 Swardless (Hagenith Rmx) Gain Reduction Play
04 Mind On Fire Tricossoma Play
05 Imaginable Power Krono Psy Play
06 Get Small (Boddhisattva & Limber Timbre) Battery Leak Play
07 Litle Boy Jelly Play
08 Just Cause Mubali Play
09 Belief System Mind Distortion System & Krono Psy Play
10 Fat Kind Of Porn (Sator Arepo & Kobold Instinct) Questing Beast Play
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