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VERT Twenty Five Reasons For Life - (DEL) - Various Artists  
VERT Twenty Five Reasons For Life - (DEL)
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We believe we have found a perfect musical balance with the tracks selected for this release. Each one of them is full of mystical and joyful sounds, but none of them is predictable or generic. Just like you won’t meet two human beings in this world who are exactly the same, all 9 tunes on this CD are also unique, each in their own way, and every single one of them has its own aura and spirit. We consider this creation of ours an example of what proper psychedelic music should be about..
We start with fantastic remix of the great old school track Mono Klang by the legendary psychedelic wizard Process, who was kind enough to approve it for a remix by the hottest psytrance talent from the land of Oz – Terrafractyl exclusevly for our CD. Also you will get teasers of Yudhishthira and Terrafractyl upcoming new albums that is going to be released on our label this year.  And as a tradition for our last compialtions we have freshest tunes by psychedelic maestros Ocelot and Trold. Please meet Trio Grande a union project of 3 russian artists – Delirious Noon, Whoop  and Mickle Jar. Another Russian genius musicians Red and Glooex are here too with their latest offerings.This marvelous CD is for all those people who are eager to fully emerge themselves into an exciting journey painted in the colors of wonder and fun-loving, celebration of life, as well as, of course, top-notch psychedelic trance music.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Mono Klang (Terrafractyl RMX) Process Play
02 25 Reasons For Life Trio Grande Play
03 Subconsciousness Mind Terrafractyl Play
04 Co Creation Trold Play
05 Interdimension Traveller Yudhisthira Play
06 Ticket To Zeppelin Glooex Play
07 Life Is Illusion Red Play
08 Kehnakeya Ocelot Play
09 Special places Glooex Play
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