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SAI Paradiso - (DEL) - Yubaba  
SAI Paradiso - (DEL)
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Territory Restrictions: None

Active artists for many years on the Brazilian downtempo and trance music genre scenes, Pedro Gomide and Frederico Drummond, make up the unique sounds that we call Yubaba.

They have played full festival circuits in Brazil and USA, being part of the  growth of the downtempo scene in both countries. They joined their skills in this project where mixing influences from their roots, they touch the listeners recreating the eclectic and open minded mood you could only find in Brasil. Featuring different musicians as the singers Thailan, Blacklight and Nathalia, the trumpet player Dan Covan and brazilian percussionists, Yubaba evolves from dub into lounge with a trip hop feeling and an electro taste. Having just released a Compilation for the main Yoga Center in Brazil,Institute De Rose, and another Compilation for Amsterdam Siberie Coffee Shop ,Fred comes from a background of playing in rock and heavy metal bands since the age of 12, in 1998 he started producing experimental electronic music in the Brazilian house/techno scene. Since then, tuning his sound more to the psychedelic style he has been DJ'ing full-on trance and downtempo in South America, England, Holland, Austria, Spain, Hungary and USA. Producing events and Djing for many years in Brazil and US, Pedro quickly established himself as an influential artist in the American continent downtempo scene - touring on the regular basis, serving as resident DJ and events coordinator at CoSM(Alex Grey's Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors), as a label DJ of Interchill Records, resident of Supperclub and producer of events with Symbiosis.

After a very fun and successful premiere at Symbiosis in California they toured the Brazilian summer playing to cheerful listeners and dancers at Universo Paralello and other parties, they have also been featured at Boom and Transcendance. 

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 If You Think I Want Yubaba Play
02 One Yubaba Play
03 Rock It Yubaba Play
04 Animals Having Fun Yubaba Play
05 Paradiso Dub Yubaba Play
06 Mais Yubaba Play
07 End Of The Night Yubaba Play
08 Feel Yubaba Play
09 7th Morning Yubaba Play
10 Far East Yubaba Play
11 Say I Yubaba Play
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