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Essential Void - Uton Spark  
Essential Void
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Territory Restrictions: None

This could well be a new niche of psy-trance. No doubt uton spark has the heart and roots in the history of psy-trance, but the project is organic, progressive and has a spellbinding storytelling aspect.
The essential void album is structured like a narrative story. It leads you on a dramatic travel and calls to your roots with the sounds of the earth elements within. Embark on this remarkable journey into the land of no handrails. Through forest and fire and back again. Revealing the innermost.

This album contains real life samples... Recorded excerpts of travelling adventures and experiences of the essential.
In Pegasus deep the voice of a young woman, in a cave, calls out to an invisible entity that seems to be answering her with a Pegasus like scream. The boundaries of scepticism are truly tested here! As the track progresses, she seems to communicate fluently with the entity which swoops down above her. Very rarely has anything quite as goose bump worthy been caught on tape. Let alone, included in a power full grounding track. All this paying tribute to the essence of the fairy tale in real time.

Get ready for the ultimate organic-trance album. The journey of the essential void.

Warning; Powerful mantras are hidden subliminally in the tracks. they are not audible, but they will affect your being with their positive resonance.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Call Uton Spark Play
02 Resident Uton Spark Play
03 Secret Village Uton Spark Play
04 Pegasus Deep Uton Spark Play
05 Inmost Garden Uton Spark Play
06 Essential Void Uton Spark Play
07 Wheel Of Fortune Uton Spark Play
08 Revelation Uton Spark Play
09 Bliss Station Uton Spark Play
Label ProfileLabel: Durga Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147125245
Track ListingRelease Date: 2009-12-11
Genre: ProgressiveCatalogue Number: DURCD001CD