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MADS Blow - (DEL) - Funky Gong  
MADS Blow - (DEL)
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Funky Gong is electro rock DJ producer / guitarist, Minoru Tsunoda who was long awaited artist and have the great releasing 「Blow」 as his debut album on Madskippers from Tokyo.
We are proud of this master piece as that is one of the most funkiest and rockin’electro album of this year.
All the tracks is featuring his phat and distorted funky guitar which makes you feel something like Jimi’s psychedelic rock mixed with Funkadelic/ Parliament elements or what ? Have you heard this kind of style before then ? If not, try to have a listen and feel for it !
Then you would be wonder what is the real Japanese electro rock experience would be……
Yeah ! Bootsy !!!
Lets Blow this negative world away then !   

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Something Is Wrong Funky Gong Play
02 Freight Train Feat Marcellus Nealy Funky Gong Play
03 Don't Stop Believing Feat Marcellus Nealy Funky Gong Play
04 In The Red Feat pUsS Funky Gong Play
05 Falling Feat Marcellus Nealy Funky Gong Play
06 Take It To The Fire Funky Gong Play
07 Blow Funky Gong Play
08 Muzik Down Funky Gong Play
09 Rectifier Funky Gong Play
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