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NEUR Demolition School - (DEL) - Various Artists  
NEUR Demolition School - (DEL)
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Neuromind Records Proudly Presents VA. Demolition School. Prepare you mind for pure mental bliss, ground shaking and ripping sounds. Neuromind find the best students of Night Music around the globe such as Killer Buds, D.N.I , Karma Crop, Energetic, Xtatic and some new talents like Black Mamba, Sinapse, Package ,Sychodelicious and Satya  to rip your senses and blow your mind with 10 fresh tunes. If you wish to learn this is your school !!!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 D.N.A Frequency Xtatic Play
02 Wonderland Energetic Play
03 Mind Granade Killer Buds Play
04 Terrorist Attack Black Mamba Play
05 Demolition School Energetic Vs Xtatic Play
06 Mutants Karmacrop Play
07 Psychedelic Entity V2 d.N.i Play
08 Energy System Sychodelicious Play
09 Black Pack Package Vs Satya Play
10 Sao Paulo Sinapse Play
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