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CRON Erta Ale - (DEL) - Various Artists  
CRON Erta Ale - (DEL)
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Cronomi Records is proud to present the new compilation: “Erta Ale”.

Erta Ale is the name of a volcanic lake in the hottest place on Earth. The heat of this strange and very hostile place should resemble the roughness and wickedness of the tracks on the compilation. This time, DJ Inada tookthe chance of making a compilation that tries to resemble the more darker, though very trancy and deeper, side of psytrance.

All artists on the compilation have a unique sound and soul of their own interpertation, added to what modern psytrance can give us. All of these elements are emphasized by the brilliant mastering job of Colin OOOD. The compiler, together with the artists, found a balance between interesting story lines in every track combined with a vibe that should not only make itenjoyable to listen, but also move, dance and freak on the compositions. The goal is that this compilation should provide you not only with quality music, but also be a journey to a strange place where the track and psychedelics take over.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Snufkin Is Gone NK-47 Play
02 Nervous Machine Subra Play
03 An Expert On Humans PortaMento Play
04 Kapala M-Run Feat DJ Inada Play
05 Holocron Lapsus Play
06 Goat Man M-Run Play
07 Synthesized Not Yet GoaMech Play
08 Perihelion E-Mantra Play
09 We Are Nothing But Dust New Born Play
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