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Journeys - Kabayun  
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The latest release from nighttime label 2to6 Records features fresh sounds from Kabayun, the solo project of up-and-coming American electronic musician David Mostoller. Irresistibly danceable yet eternally nocturnal, Kabayun's first full-length album bridges the gap between psychedelic full-on and night music with funk and ease. Aptly named Journeys, it takes the listener on a series of synaesthesic voyages through soundscapes bound to cause self-induced auditory hallucinations and third-eye dilation. A unique fusion of powerful grooves with twisted sounds, this is a debut album not to be missed.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Mana Kabayun Play
02 Good News Kabayun Play
03 Journeys Kabayun Play
04 Next Time Now Kabayun Play
05 Unfathomable Kabayun Play
06 Totalitly Kabayun Play
07 More Powerful Than Science Kabayun Play
08 Sueños Kabayun Play
09 External Drive Kabayun Play
10 Some Hope Left (Kabayun Rmx) Electrypnose Play
Label ProfileLabel: 2TO6 Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147126785
Track ListingRelease Date: 2011-05-06
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: 2TO6CD008CD