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INP Jigoku - (DEL) - Various Artists  
INP Jigoku - (DEL)
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"HELL" is called "JIGOKU" in Japan. For this ultimate compilation Rockdenashi Productionz has required a unreleased track for each artist with "JIGOKU" as theme. “KZ” joined from Japan, “KHAOS SEKTOR” from Portugal, “NECROPSYCHO” from Brazil, “DEMONIACINSOMNIAC” & “PHOBOS AZAZEL” from Macedonia,“JESUS RAVES” from Serbia, “GLOOMY PHANTOM” from Germany, “StiTch” & “MERGEL” from Russia. VORTEX "Realize” is remixed by “FATAL DISCORD”. The artwork has been made by “Melan Wastage”. Which is the sound of “Hell” that each artist imaged ? The answer is here... Shall we dance in JIGOKU ? Yes, to become a ray of light in the darkness.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Karma Kz Play
02 Hellworld Khaos Sektor Play
03 Jigoku Necropsycho Play
04 Realize Vortex Play
05 Freak Demoniac Insomniac Play
06 Bad Archeology Mergel Play
07 Far Out Phobos Azazel Play
08 Super Bolid Jesus Raves Play
09 M1-Sua Stitch Play
10 Behind The Dark Gloomy Phantom Play
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