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DIME Pure Planet 4 - DJ Chakras - (DEL) - Various Artists  
DIME Pure Planet 4 - DJ Chakras - (DEL)
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DJ Chakras a.k.a. Timothy De Ridder, is proud to present the 4th compilation of Pure Planet.

After the release of the “Liquid Flow – Presence” album we proudly bring you a track with a brand new direction. We call this sound  “Aural Extacy”, a masterpiece of melodic goatrance filled with powerfull kicks and acidic 303 sounds.
Goasia unveils two of his newest masterpieces. Patrick Cameron a. k.a. The Grey Guy is back to make people realise that full bass lines are the perfect combination to melodic uplifting Goatrance. Cosmic Silence & Ajna provide some very very unique Sounds.
We also bring you the first track release from Lapsus, manipulated infected sounds and crazy voices mixed together in a wonderful track.

This compilation is a must have, for people who love the deep, emotional and acidic sounds combined with the wildness of uplifting goatrance.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Mother Gaia Ajna Play
02 Terra Incognita Goasia Play
03 Cosmogenesis Cosmic Silence Play
04 Man Who Touch The Sky Goasia Play
05 Luna 3 The Grey Guy Play
06 Chakral Voyage Cosmic Silence Play
07 Entity The Grey Guy Play
08 Aural Extacy Liquid Flow Play
09 De Tevroegkomer Lapsus Play
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