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MICR Azimuth - (DEL) - Jorge Carlos  
MICR Azimuth - (DEL)
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It's taken well over ten years for Jorge Carlos to release the follow up to his highly­ praised and very well received debut album, ‘Trip Of Africa’. But all those fans of his acclaimed first offering will be thrilled to hear that his upcoming new second album, ‘Azimuth’, will reward those devotee’s patience and is sure to further enhance his musical reputation and following.

‘Azimuth’, which will be officially released and launched during April 2011 is a worthy but quite different follow up to ‘Trip Of Africa’, with it’s equally addictive and sophisticated fusion of electro­acoustic grooves with deep bass lines and rich tonal qualities.

During the 1990’s the Argentinian­born Jorge Carlos was a musical engineer and producer living and working in South Africa. He also happened to be an accomplished multi­instrumentalist, being fully adept on lead, acoustic and bass guitar, as well as piano, keyboards, drums and percussion. He soon caught the musical drift of the booming late­90’s trance scene in Cape Town and specifically the local brand of Afro­psychedelic­trance sounds being played at the large rambling parties held for days at out­of­the­city rural venues. Jorge Carlos started to produce his own evocative blend of this psychedelic trance mixed with a wide assortment of samples of local African sounds and textures to give ‘Trip Of Africa’ its uniquely African trance feel. Stand­out tracks like 'Dye@Koke', possibly the first truly African trance track with its selection of African sounds and styles from sources as diverse as the chattering of the San folk; and 'Cape Axe' on which Jorge Carlos showed off his hard rock chops merging some squealing lead guitar licks to an underbed of barrelling trance which drew many rock fans to his crossover sound.

After releasing, promoting and touring the ‘Trip Of Africa’ album, Jorge Carlos began to focus more on pursuing his career as a composer, arranger, and final mix engineer, working mostly in the advertising world creating tracks and sounds for TV and film soundtracks. He also found himself often being booked to play “live” at many trance festivals and events including some very memorable ones like the first Earthdance at Hangklip, Synergy 1999, Vortex, and many other live indoor gigs, keeping his loyal following keen and eager to hear his follow up album. The creative process behind ‘Azimuth’ actually began back in early­2000 after Jorge Carlos decided to change his direction from the earlier Afro­trance sounds to a more electro­acoustic groove.

With major inspirations and influences for this new album including William Orbit, Thievery Corporation, Leftfield, Kruder & Dolfmeister,Boards of Canada and Tosca, he began creating the tracks for his next album based around this new sound, spending every bit of his spare time developing and producing his new sound at “Audio Alchemy”, his own recording studio at the Waterfront Studios in Cape Town. The result is the arrival of Jorge Carlos new second album, ‘Azimuth’, released through Cape Town based label Microdot Music. ‘Azimuth’ is a sophisticated fusion of electro­acoustic grooves with deep bass lines and rich tonal qualities. Apart from some special guest artists, Jorge Carlos plays all the instruments live on all the tracks. On ‘Azimuth’ Jorge Carlos decided to collaborate with some selected South African artists. He incorporated vocals by Litsa and Jaco Maria; the trumpets and EVI (electronic valve instrument) were played by Andrew Coote; and the spoken word rap on the track, ‘Why You Trippin’’ was handled by Anthony Oseyemi.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Auric Field Jorge Carlos Play
02 Utywala Bethu Jorge Carlos Play
03 Azimuth Jorge Carlos Play
04 Genoa Jorge Carlos Play
05 Audio Alchemy Jorge Carlos Play
06 SOTU Jorge Carlos Play
07 Guapa Jorge Carlos Play
08 Electrocoote Jorge Carlos Play
09 Music Be The Future Jorge Carlos Play
10 Why You Trippin' Jorge Carlos Play
11 Karoo Spirit Jorge Carlos Play
12 SG12 Jorge Carlos Play
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