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Faster - Orchid-Star  
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Orchid-Star's debut, “Birth”, released on Liquid Sound in 2008 along with ‘reBirth’ - remixes by Youth, Tripswitch, Kuba, Subsonar and band leader Pete Ardron is regarded by many as a psychedelic chill classic. Its follow-up “Faster” retains all the trademarks of the first but is a significant progression. It still takes the listener to exotic, mysterious places but this time the live element, both instrumentally and vocally, and the personalities of those involved, are altogether more obvious. Living up to its name it is as much a treat to dance to as to listen - a joyful and passionate celebration of life and spirit.
Psychedelic world-fusion - Indian, Irish, African, Latin, Middle Eastern, Balkan Gypsy – driven by a mix of DnB, trance, progressive, funk, dub, ska with just the occasional downtempo groove, wrapped in a rich and vibrant orchestral-like production. Atmospheric and visually charged throughout, it's a seductive piece of work, which grows on you with each listen.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Puja Orchid-Star Play
02 Prchla Orchid-Star Play
03 Surya Orchid-Star Play
04 Shouty One Orchid-Star Play
05 A Better Ride Orchid-Star Play
06 Orchid-Ska Orchid-Star Play
07 Dans La Orchid-Star Play
08 Lotus Bloom Orchid-Star Play
09 Barefoot (In The Sunshine) Orchid-Star Play
10 Brighter Orchid-Star Play
Label ProfileLabel: Pink Hampster Recordings
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147127232
Track ListingRelease Date: 2011-07-01
Genre: World FusionCatalogue Number: PHCD09CD