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Uranium 238 - Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway  
Uranium 238
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Vance Galloway and noisepoetnobody first met back in 1998 when Vance was commissioned to master an album of a band that noisepoetnobody was in at the time. noisepoetnobody meanwhile began building his fanbase throughout the Northwest as both a solo performer and an active member of the experimental music scene. Over the years, Vance was contacted for further album mastering when he had time away from his demanding schedule of working on some of the world’s most advanced audio visual installations. Occasionally Vance and noisepoetnobody would play on stage together. As improvisers they excelled at mutual listening skills and almost without effort captivated audiences as though all songs were rehearsed to perfection.

This album represents the duos second full length recording. Their 1st album - Summons The Porocora - self-produced by noisepoetnobody, was well received in the Seattle/Portland area as an epic descent into a disturbing and haunting retreat from reality. Upon receiving a grant from the Jack Straw Foundation to record and perform for the world famous Radio, Vance and noisepoetnobody began a more regular schedule of recording and rehearsals in preparation. This album contains the recordings from the broadcast sessions as well as other works created in preparation for those sessions.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 The First Fascination Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
02 It Leads Deep Into The Mountain Core Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
03 Measuring The Stones Of Light With Primitive Wooden Tools Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
04 Glimmering Endless Possibilities Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
05 The Process Of Enlightenment Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
06 Casting Links For Chain To Enslave Animal & Man Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Play
Label ProfileLabel: Lens Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 682516011925
Track ListingRelease Date: 2011-05-20
Genre: ElectronicaCatalogue Number: LENS0119CD