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MIND Krakoziabry - (DEL) - Enichkin  
MIND Krakoziabry - (DEL)
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The fourth in succession album by Sergey Nazarenko also known as Enichkin, a well known psychedelic sound engineer from Russia, is called “Krakoziabry”. The Origin of this word is russian and its name is “КРАКОЗЯБРЫ”. КРАКОЗЯБРЫ is/are often caused when Layered Intelligence Forming Energy is moved to a system with a different default encoding. Different encoding is a fundamental trick, which is used to confuse the fact that we are ONE.

This album is an amalgam of very specific complex patterns of tribal elements and cutting edge sound design / wave engineering, produced with the purpose of evoking the chain reaction in consciousness that evolves subjectively while having what we call a "Trance Dance Experience". Through this all-encompassing experience of the Oneness of Life, hopefully people will become more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity and the needs of the planet. Enjoy this ride into the depths of your subconsciousness, and become ONE with The Universe and The Spirit of Nature.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Radio Moscow Enichkin Play
02 DNA Enichkin Play
03 Place Of No Pity Enichkin Play
04 Da Balalayka Enichkin Play
05 Magic Cube Enichkin Play
06 Fullpower Psychedelic Enichkin Play
07 Touch Of Impersonal Enichkin Play
08 Zabava Enichkin Play
09 Carnaval Enichkin Play
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