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INPS Freaking On High - (DEL) - Various Artists  
INPS Freaking On High - (DEL)
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Freaking on High is the first compilation of Brazilian Artist Dj Zaghini, bringing to the world a message of peace, love and cure throughout a good psychedelic music. Promoter of one of the biggest open air Psytrance Festivals in Sao Paulo (Brazil), " Respect Festival" Had been lidering the Psychedelic Open Air Events of his country. He also has been working for the last 6 years djing and promoting psytrance music through the Universe, and had performed in the Biggest Brazilian Events such Universo Paralello in Bahia, Soul Vision and Virada Cultural in Sao paulo and Monte Mapu Festival in Chile. On the compilation you will find some music such: Fearsome Engine, Psytrance reference all over the world, integrated by Tristan and Laughing Buddah, some of the main Brazilian artists like Swarup’s Brain, Labirinto, Nevermind, Xpiral and Mental Broadcast, Chilean Artist Ital, Men II Deep by the argentine Pragmatix and the Brazilian Rica Amaral, and the Brazilian great revelations: Space Vision, 2012 and Via Axis. Outdoor festival music for the world, going deep in consciousness through the sounds... Be prepared to Bomb the Dancefloors!!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Order Out Of Chaos Fearsome Engine Play
02 Logicland Labirinto Play
03 Nacao Science Via Axis Feat Dj Zaghini Play
04 Mind Game Xpiral Vs Mental Broadcast Play
05 I Wan’t Dance Space Vision Play
06 Waves Of Nature Ital Play
07 Amazonika Men Ii Deep Play
08 Experiment 2012 Play
09 Like Houndog Nevermind Play
10 1967 Swarup’s Brain Play
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