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AVA Conversation Peace - (OOS) - Thomas Leer  
AVA Conversation Peace - (OOS)
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Thomas Leer is one of the most respected artists from the new wave days and a favorite of the British press.
His new brilliant album "Conversation Peace" is a blend of Chillout, big beat and atmospheric tunes. Remarkable in its direction and quality. Thomas has a rich and impressing musical history and known to be a master in atmosphere music. He was half of the duo "Act" aside Claudia Brucken who was the lead singer of Propaganda. The two have released a few singles and a full album on Trevor Horn's ZTT label who was also responsible of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art Of Noise and Grace Jones. "Conversation Peace" carries 12 pearls and a bonus mix of 'Somnatic'.
This album is a full demonstration of Leer's musical abilities.
 ..................SIT BACK......RELAX ........and ENJOY........!

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