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AURA All Shots Double - (DEL) - Penta  
AURA All Shots Double - (DEL)
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Blessed with calm life in the Azores Islands of Portugal, Nikita Tselovalnikov, psytrance producer behind Penta project, had time to watch a lot of movies in the recent years and this album is a good indication of that. "Whenever there is a chase sequence or a suspense scene, I rarely understand what is going on the screen as I am directing all my attention to the film score. In this sixth album, I have tried to use a lot of these cinematic sounds especially when it came to intros and breakdowns." – Nikita says. Penta music always worked better with the movie flavour added to it, and this time this approach is taken further. All Shots Double was meant to work great on any type of dance floor, so the majority of tracks are of full-on nature. However, there is a fair dose of dark psy here as well. Coming to the AuraQuake theatre near you this summer.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 It Begins Penta Play
02 All Those Things Penta Play
03 Snapper Penta Play
04 Please Could Have Penta Play
05 Imagine Penta Play
06 Computer Technology Penta Play
07 Power Crunch Penta Play
08 Trembling with Horror Penta Play
09 Fantastic Penta Play
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