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WOOR Origins - Compiled by Chill_LX - (DEL) - Various Artists  
WOOR Origins - Compiled by Chill_LX - (DEL)
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Chill_Lx: several musical trends, converging to make you travel, dance and mostly relax — we are O.Dif aka Nuno Fonseca and Blossom aka David Costa, and this is our project.

Chill_Lx started in May 2008 when we found that our music showed a common taste for the Chill-out and Ambient areas.

We’re djing now but we’re getting ready to do some production work and show what we’ve learned in the past 3 years. Always with the goal of sound harmony, so we can offer good moments to who listens and get the curiosity of those who never listened to us.

One doesn’t thank actions, recognizes them. So we are sharing our recognition and appreciation for all the artists who participated in this record with effort and dedication, through their creations.

We had, since the beginning, the help and collaboration from Sérgio Walgood and Shakri, both national producers / djs — to them, our special thanks.

To our friends who have always been there for us, we hope you relate with this playlist, mixed to offer you a journey on a calm and positive, never-ending party.

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 The Birth Of The 5th Sun Sergio Walgood Play
02 Adou Balance Play
03 Dualidades (Dedicated To Marisa) Gil Pulido Play
04 Letter2You Gigio Play
05 Dream Machine Shadow Totem Play
06 Cosmic Technology Shakri Play
07 Deadhook Methodic Marble Play
08 Face The Music Spiritual Hi-Tek Play
09 Stories Of Neverland (Timescape & Chill_LX Rmx) Inix Play
10 Darmakaya_-_Experience 23 The Crusade Play
11 Indian Rain Timescape Play
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