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Perfekt World - Kode Six  
Perfekt World
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Welcome to the world of Phonix Records - a new London based record label.
Established with the aim to showcase the best and more recognized artists, along with promoting up and coming talent.

With this first physical release, we present you with the second full length album of Kode Six, 'Perfekt World'. Hailing from Canada, Kalan Bird is the mind behind this heavy monster of psy trance, he brings you 'Perfekt World' - a fine collection of 12 tracks inspired by the works of french writer Guy Debord. With this album, Kode Six explores the depths of measure - expect to hear roaring melodies, twisted grooves characterized by the raw energy that is his trademark.

Epic is the only word to describe it.

With this release, Phonix Records hopes to leave its mark on the scene and give the world a small taste of things to come.

Included in the album is a bonus track and a remix pack for the title track Perfekt World as part of a remix competition, send an email to the label for more details.

The winning remix will be featured in one of our upcoming releases.

Mastered by none other than the legendary Artifakt, get ready for the Perfekt World !!!

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 The Spektakle Kode Six Play
02 Overkill Kode Six Play
03 Hyperreality Kode Six Play
04 Solipsia Kode Six Play
05 Ayanami Kode Six Play
06 Indiscernables Kode Six Play
07 Traffik Kode Six Play
08 Perfekt World Kode Six Play
09 Nothing Kode Six Play
10 Simulakra Kode Six Play
11 Akumen Kode Six Play
12 Our Rules Kode Six Play
Label ProfileLabel: Phonix Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147127478
Track ListingRelease Date: 2011-09-09
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: PHCD001CD