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DIME Planet Riders - (DEL) - Various Artists  
DIME Planet Riders - (DEL)
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This is the first chapter of the upcoming Dimensional Galaxy series.
With pleasure, we would like to present to you, the universal journey with the Dimensional Records crew.

Dimensional Records is a young label, but with an old and well experienced team behind it.
As you had the pleasure to enjoy in our previous three official releases, so far, we hope that this one will bring you the same joy and happiness during it’s consumption.

The theme of this compilation, as you can imagine, is the Universe, the uncharted space where mixed waves of quality music flows.

This time, in this first chapter, 10 well-trained cadets selected for this mission, and will take you on a ride trough the planets of the known and unknown universe.
Team selectors: Kanc Cover & DJ Chakras

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Soul Searcher
 E-Mantra Play
02 Steps To Heaven
 Ajna Play
03 Solar Storm
 Goasia Play
04 Big Blue (Live Version) Filteria Play
05 Secrets Of The Mind
 Hypnagogia Play
06 Land Of Time
 Liquid Flow Play
07 Zero Gravity Goasia Play
08 Planet To Planet Shakta Play
09 Pure Deliverance Jikooha Play
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