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ANOT Another Psyde Of The Moon - (DEL) - Various Artists  
ANOT Another Psyde Of The Moon - (DEL)
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Another Psyde Records debut V/A is a regression in progression, A psychedelic expedition through the mind, soul & spirit. Complete with earth shaking baselines, mind bending soundscapes, deep Australian progressive flavours and a hint of Israel & Brazil to add to the atmosphere. Ahavamour AKA Bryan Snart has put together something that will assist you on being guided on a journey through a vortex of electronic energy, channelled into a musical compilation of nothing but the best hand-picked tracks from some of the top producers of our current time. Take your shoes off, Take a deep breath and enjoy your journey to Another Psyde

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Bubble Tea Benza Play
02 Monty Yeti Play
03 Intoxication Station One Tasty Morsel Play
04 No Name Track Rekka Play
05 Overthought Slytrance & Onionbrain Play
06 Little Critters Sporangia Play
07 Iím The ? Pick Play
08 Instant Changes Frakatix Play
09 Pretty Jacked Up Juxta Pose Play
10 Duckylicious Crazy Ducks Play
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