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The Seed - Hujaboy  
The Seed
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Nir Shoshani in this album went back to the early sounds of Goa Trance  and imagined what the music would have sounded like if made in that moment but with the new technology…a look at how the music could have sounded or developed.  This is the Future Sound of Goa.

The Seed. Hujaboy has digested a lot and cut away the a room with a wooden bed and a adequate.  Sounds that twist like ribbons in abreeze…notes from the east, strangulated singers wail their goods,dates and inlaid mosaics...hareem dancers showing nipples hard as acorns, sweet fruits, earthly delights, stoned prone lying on guilded cushions while electric turtles parade with kleidescopic jewels adorning their shells. Clouds floating through ones head, storms of passion and accelerating protonic platonic love bites. Hard wired hard beats, rock solid, swirls and twirls like a dervish on acid or a samari on speed...this is ti chi and ping pong...bouncing coloured balls, a thousand million marbles falling down a staircase while a bucket full of eels wriggle and squirm on marbled floors. These tracks are hairy chested...tough...strong 100% proof......they should be illegal.  Its music to oil robots with, music to make love to a machine at midnight. Secret cogs, weird times and revolutions as the machine comes to life, like a gigantic creature changing shape and colour.  Enormous insects from space rubbing their legs in time. The sound of deep caves ...crunching, the earth caving in, the sky openingup, the heavens shaking in their boots, the planet crapping itself,munching the void like a whale gulping plankton.  The cosmic harvester ploughs thru time and space and is captured in the giant net ofNir…who casts out his lobster pots of creation, hauling in a giant catch of notes and feelings and riffs and moods and trances and dances and wild whirlings of worm holes colliding with endorphins…tickling the parts that have been dormant like a winter mouse. This is the time to let the main juice flow and let the music do the work as you sit there like a simmering stew while your brain takes over and numbs the mind into another dimension of alien activity...abduction of the senses. This is serious stuff for serious dancers and trancers…deepas a well...high as a kite… the real meal....The evolution of trancehas just moved forward...The Seed has been planted...

CD Track List:  
Track Title Artist
01 Transported Hujaboy Play
02 Digital Cobra Hujaboy Play
03 The Seed Hujaboy Play
04 Wormhole Hujaboy Play
05 The Flower Hujaboy Play
06 One (Hujaboy Rmx) Astral Projection Play
07 Clouds Over Goa Hujaboy Play
08 Mid & East Freeze & Hujaboy Play
09 Once Upon A Trip Hujaboy Play
Label ProfileLabel: Tip Records
Sales NotesFormat: CD
Further InformationBarcode: 5060147127621
Track ListingRelease Date: 2011-09-30
Genre: Psy TranceCatalogue Number: TIPR06CD